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My Wife's Business Named Sew-lutions

Sugarcat Simon's Niche on the Web about Feline Diabetes

Online Etymological Dictionary

Web site tracking a "person" through thirty three companiess in 8 states

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Page Last Update: September 15, 2011
Added descriptions for the other pages on the site

Well, I've put up a few things, they are:

Javascript Documentation PDFs
The page tells you where to find Language Reference and Guides in PDFs. It also gives you links to other sources of Javascript Documentation.

Do you want to dynamically insert things into your web  pages (such as a navigation list like the one on the left of my pages) so that you can keep one copy and don't have to edit everyone of your pages when you add a page, remove a page, or change a file name BUT your ISP or hosting company (wherever you have your site) won't let you use SSI (Server Side Includes)?

When I had my sites on the AT&T servers, the "old" AT&T provided what they called PWP - Personal Web Pages. When they got into the ISP business in the early 1990's, they offered 10MB of space for each of your email addresses (up to six) where you could put a web site. That was great but they disabled SSI support and no amount of explaining that SSI was no a security threat - or plain old begging - would get them to enable SSI.

So, I wrote JavaScripter to get around the problem, at least to some degree.

JavaScripter will take whatever you provide as input, escape certain characters, everything in unescapes and document.writelins. You could then put the output in a .js file, include the file in your page wherever you want the material inserted and then  you had a way to keep on copy of something and be able to update it in one place and have it show on all your pages.

Go to the JavaScripter Help page for more information.

By the way - the "new" AT&T is the old SBC. When SBC bought AT&T they kept AT&T's name - it had a better reputation than theirs. But they began acting like SBC from the start. They forced everyone off the AT&T WorldNet WebMail - an excellent system - and on to SBC/Yahoo which sucks. Feature wise, it was about 1,000 giant steps backwards. Then they dropped PWP - they gave us about 5 weeks notice to find a hosting company, move our sites, test them, and get the word out as to the new location. If your email address was, as an example,, your web site's URL was either or!myemail.

So, when you move off the AT&T servers, you had to tell everyone what domain name you registered.

To make a rather long and detailed story short - I lost my sites before I could get popup message on the pages so that people could be given the new URLs. One site, which is now at (there's a link in the Nav list on the left) was a very busy site and then one day it vanished. I got the word out, via email, to as many people as I could but the site has never recovered the amount of traffic it had.

I'm not concerned with the amount traffic, per say, but I am concerned that the site was  no longer available from the many other sites that linked to it so that people who have just learned that their cat is diabetic could get to it and get some help.

Well, so much for the "new" AT&T - which is the old SBC - well, maybe not so much, quite yet. I'm in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company started in St. Louis many eons ago. They had a slogan "We May Be The Only Telephone Company In Town But We Try Not To Act Like It."

It really was "We ARE The ONLY Telephone Company In Town And We Make Sure You Never Forget It!"

So, when they had the chance to switch their name to AT&T they jumped at it.

Just remember, that the "new" AT&T is the old SBC!

Replacement Tips For Radio Shack 64-2184 Soldering Station
I found a soldering station in a dumpster without a tip - read about my search for a tip for it.

Site Change Log
You'll find a record of the changes I've made to various pages on the site. I will try to actually keep it up to date - really, I will.

Email Me
There's a link in the Nav list, at left, which you can use to email me. Hello? Is anyone out there?

About Me
A little about me, I'll add more as the mood strikes.

Then there are links to some other sites:
  • Sugarcat Simon's site about Feline Diabetes
  • My Wife's site (okay, its only one page - she can't decide what she wants to put there)
  • Online Etymological Dictionary - an excellent site where you can find out the original of words.
  • A Web site tracking a "person" through the many companies, court cases, and other things in which he has been involved - you'll just have to go there and poke around to understand what it is all about (hey - there is a "What is this all about page?" that might be a good place to start, after the Home page)

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