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Old DevEdge JavaScript PDFs
Page Last Updated: August 2, 2011
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UPDATE - October 7, 2012 -

It looks like the web site this page directs you to, for Javascript documentation in PDFs, has been locked-down or other wise made unavailable.

Whenever I try to go to any URL on, I get a "403 Permission Denied" error.

That is a subdomain of and I went there to try and find a way to search for information about the subdomain. That URL took me to the Firefox page. I tried some of the links on the page but did not come across anything that seemed to be a lead to information about the subdomain.

So, all I can tell you is that if you are looking for Javascript documenation, you can search at or you can use Google or other search facility.

I'd put these PDFs online but I can't afford the possible data transfer traffic that might occur. Sorry.

I have struck-through all of the text below to indicate that it no longer is valid. The links, however, still work.

Please let me know if you find the PDFs on some other web site.

Read the Update on this page, towards the bottom, click here to go to it.

A long time a go in a Galaxy quite near by (ours actually) there was a web site called Netscape DevEdge.

Among the things to be found there were PDFs with documentation for JavaScript (Netscape created JavaScript).

With DevEdge gone, it can be hard to find copies of those PDFs so I've put them here on my site for anyone to download.

ClientReferenceJS13.pdf - This is the one you want if you want the syntax, list of object, etc.

ClientGuideJS13.pdf - I rarely ever used this one. It is more of a how you use JavaScript in general and talks about things like regular expressions and such, may or may not be of use to you.

These are for version 1.3 but if you are just starting out (or have even been using JavaScript for a while) they are excellent resources for the basics, particularly the ClientReference.

Both have good indexes- the entries in the indexes are actual links to the spot on the pages on which the particular item is discussed -  but the ClientReference has a better one. I got tired of using the Index link in the Bookmarks (PDF bookmarks,  not browser bookmarks) and then having to scroll down until I found the right section.

I have a copy of  Adobe Acrobat (not the reader, the program that lets you do all sorts of things to PDF) and so I added bookmarks for the pages were each letter's entries begin. So, display the bookmarks in the sidebar, scroll down and click Index, scroll down a bit, and you'll see bookmarks for A,, B, C, etc.

I will leave these files on line as long as it doesn't cause me Bandwidth issue with the hosting company.

I'm paying $5.00 a month to for host - it is quite a deal, check them out - and I don't want to get involved with using more bandwidth than the basic package allows (I think it is 250 GB per month - not sure, I'd have to check on it)

UPDATE - July 17, 2011
After making this page and uploading the PDFs to my hosting server, I found this site Netscape  Devedge  Javascript Central  Some of the links on that page work and some don't. You'll just have to explore for yourself.

On the page main page, titled Javascript Central, you will find links to PDF, HTML, ZIP,  and Frames versions of several Javascript guides.

Here is the text and the links from that page. All of these links will open in a new window or tab.

JavaScript References

Because these guides are still available from another source - - I have decided to take my copies off of my server to save bandwidth.

If the above links to guides do not work in the future, please email me (there's a link in the navigation list at the left) and I'll consider putting my copies back on the server or email you a copy of them.

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